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5 reasons why Android is still better than iOS

There has always been a comparison between an Android device and iOS device, that is why i have put to consideration to study and make an article about  5 reasons why Android is still better than iOS. Basically, the iPhone pervades popular culture in a way the Android does not but we are not here for sentiment rather we are here to point out real facts between Android and iOS devices.


5 reasons why Android is still better than iOS

5 reasons why Android is better than iOS device


According to a survey released in August by the market researcher Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, total of 82 percent of Android users stuck with the operating system when they purchased a new handset Meanwhile Apple’s iOS had a 78 percent loyalty rate.


What are the 5 reasons why Android is still better than iOS


1} Affordability

This is one of the strongest points that really proves itself right. We all know that android’s popularity is largely due to its accessibility compared to iOS. Many Android phones are cheaper, Almost anyone can afford an Android phone. It might not be all-singing and dancing, but there are solid budget options that give people a true smartphone experience, its wide range of pricing plans and providers allow users a degree of flexibility that iPhone simply doesn’t.


2} Longer Battery Life

Apple has been criticized in so many ways for not paying as much attention to increasing battery life as the company has to other features. for example Samsung Galaxy S7 was found to outlast the iPhone7 in battery life tests. which is apple users has always been laying complaints about but nothing has been done about it.


3} Variety of choice

Without doubt we all know that Android users have more choices when it comes to devices compared to iOS users. Android devices can vary widely as far as price, hardware, display, technological capability and customization. Android’s myriad options to customize can be daunting to iPhone users, but it’s the mobile platform’s main draw. Like they used to say that “Variety is the spice of life” Apple users are not given that platform for choice making. There are also features you just can’t get with Apple’s devices, like microSD, removable battery, multi tasking, custom Roms, Google integration, apply Launchers e.t.c.


4} Customization & Manually adding of more storage

Many Android devices come equipped with an SD card slot or a micro SD card slot so users can add more storage but in the case of iOS devices 16 GB or 24GB of storage you figured would last forever actually filled up rather fast with High-resolution photos, videos, music and apps that are growing in technological sophistication are the main culprit. Aside you using a cloud storage application like iCloud or a third-party external storage device, there isn’t a way for iPhone users to increase the amount of internal storage available on their  iOS devices which is not cool.


5} More Free Applications and Games to enjoy

This particular point out of this 5 reasons why Android is still better than iOS may be a double-edged sword point of view because Apple devices can also play mobile Games but the fact still remains that there are more free apps and games on Android than there are on iOS devices. with the big screen resolutions and long lasting batteries , your best choice of gaming will  always be Android.

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