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5 reasons why Android is still better than iOS

5 reasons why Android is better than iOS device

There has always been a comparison between an Android device and iOS device, that is why i have put to consideration to study and make an article about  5 reasons why Android is still better than iOS. Basically, the iPhone pervades popular culture in a way the Android does not but we are not here for sentiment rather we are here ...

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IPhone 7 Prices, specs, features & more Key details you need to know

IPhone 7

Ladies and Gentlemen, The long awaited Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, IPhone 7 which has got so many millions of rumors has been launched today few hours ago.  You will not believe the Extravagant Upgrades which it comes with for example Upgraded Cameras display, long lasting battery life Plus water resistance.   IPhone 7 arrives with a 4.70-inch touchscreen display with a ...

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How To Download & Install iOS 10 Beta On Your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Download iOS 10 Beta

Finally, Apple has made it possible for you to get a free Download iOS 10 Beta, it is a dream come true for those that has been long awaiting it. I have to tell you the truth that the developer preview is likely to be riddled with bugs and glitches that just comes with thew territory and please you can’t ...

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iPhone 7:Features,Specs,Rumours of release date e.t.c.:All about iPhone7

                                                      All about iPhone7   iPhone7  has been the talk of the town,it’s rumours also has been spreading around like Wildfire.Also its extra-ordinary  features .Today we are going to tell every thing you need to know about the iphone7. *RELEASE DATE: Apple concluded that it will launch two new iPhones in September 2016,because there will definitely be an update of ...

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Apple launches Safari Technology Preview, new Safari Technology Preview

Safari Technology Preview

The new Safari Technology has been launch by Apple Apple announces how they have successfully worked on the aspect of web development by launching a new version of its Safari web browser specifically designed for developers named Safari Technology Preview,Apple company further explains that the launch of the Safari Technology Preview is to let developers have an early view of ...

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