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Android Wear 2.0 Watches New Best Features : Everything you need to know

Android Wear 2.0 Watches New Best Features

I am so glad to inform you that Google has launched Android Wear 2.0 Watches New Best Features and it comes with more than a few notable updates. Alongside the software overhaul, Google and LG has collaborated for two new watches, which are :LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style. Google wants to inject more energy into the Android Wear ...

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Have you seen Xiaomi’s Soocare X3 Smart Electric Toothbrush?

Soocare X3 Smart Electric Toothbrush

Anytime we talk about a company that is never afraid of trying its hand in various categories, Xiaomi must be on the Exclusive list. The company has involved itself in so many variety category of production, it produces Mobile Smartphones, Electric folding bike, Also produces portable mosquito repellent device @ $4 that was launched a week ago under the company’s ...

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PS4 Neo Specs and more revealed – All you need to know

PS4 Neo Specs

PS4 Neo specs and details which we all have been awaiting for so long has been leaked online including its Prime information, specifications and developer guidelines among other things. Playstation 4 Neo is a high end version of the playstation 4. Also Note that new tittles plays more better on PS4 Neo for instance, 4K display support UHDTV owners and ...

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Google’s Angelfish & Swordfish Android Smartwatches Images Leaked

Google Android Smartwatches Images Leaked

There was an article on this blog, about Google reportedly planning to develop their own two Smartwatch device which are named Angelfish and Swordfish, Currently, Google Android Smartwatches Images Leaked which we believe will be released after the new Nexus phones have made their way to the Web for us to know what they really look like.   According to ...

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Wearables can reveal your Pins & Passwords – Know how & Solution


Wearables, as in your wrist-mounted wearable computer Smartwatches can reveal your pins and passwords, Beware!!!, because with all the personal data it collects, your wrist-mounted wearable computer is almost definitely going to betray you at some point, whether that’s a reminder to get up and do another 5,000 steps this afternoon or accidentally giving away your ATM PIN. Do you know ...

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Google Is Reportedly Working on Two Smartwatches – Angel fish & sword fish

Google Is Reportedly Working on Two Smartwatches

We had enough rumors of the next Google Nexus phone which spread the internet like wildfire, it’s follow up rumor is another information that they are now working on two smartwatches, although there are no leaked images yet. According to Android Police, Google is reportedly planning to develop their own two Smartwatch device which are named Angelfish and Swordfish. Google ...

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Android Marshmallow runs on only 10% smartphones – KitKat & Lollipop dominates

Android Marshmallow

According to Google’s latest monthly report on the distribution of Android for this month of June, the latest Android Marshmallow platform is running on 10 percent of all smartphones all over the world, while Android Lollipop 5.1 is running on around 20 percent of devices which makes them top the chat of the most used. The Latest Android Marshmallow was ...

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72 new Emojis coming to your phone on June 21st – See what they look like

72 new Emojis

Unicode Consortium, the non-profit corporation actively in charge of developing and maintaining emoji standards internationally added 72 new Emojis that is now schedule to be released to your smartphones this june 21st. The new images which will be added to the 1,601 already in existence. Regular emoji users and lovers will be very very excited about this upcoming development. These ...

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Chinese Body Trending Meme :Works Using an iPhone 6 to prove you have skinny legs

Chinese Body Trending Meme

Chinese Body Trending Meme This i think is the latest Chinese Body Trending Meme which works with an Iphone6 to prove of having skinny legs,This meme as well has been going Viral,trending and disturbing the surface of the internet.Especially Ladies.Some comments were also made on Facebook by Moon L. Leighton “saying that this Chinese body trend Meme is not far ...

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See a Gun That Folds Up to a Smartphone,See Gun with the structural shape of a Smartphone

See Gun with the structural shape of a Smartphone   Checkout a new gun that can fold up to look exactly like a smartphone.Kirk Kjellberg, the serial inventor of this gun honestly narrated that he derived the idea when a little boy saw him with a Gun in a restaurant. And exclaimed “Mommy,Mommy,That Man’s got a gun in his hand ...

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