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See the Top 10 best laptops for 2016 ,Features and Images

10 best laptops

                                                  10 best laptops for 2016  10 best laptops This article is just all about the hierarchy of 10 best laptops for 2016 that is recommended that you buy and their features. #1) DELL XPS 13 Dell’s latest Ultra-book tops the chart   Nowadays,Whenever we discuss about LAPTOPS  suitable for you to buy, Dell products are highly recommended,Especially, the NEW ...

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See the Reasons why you should not buy a Touch Screen Laptop

10 best laptops for 2016

Ever since the Touch Screen Laptops was invented,everybody wants to use it and experience it.but on the other hand there are essential disadvantages it posseses.I am going to share few things you should consider before buying a touch screen Laptop. 1) POOR BATTERY LIFE Due to the function of the Touchscreen ,more Workload  is given to the battery life because ...

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