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Download whatsapp for your PC/Laptops for FREE

Whatsapp is the fastest notification social network and also among the world most used messenger app , In that case there should always be an updates and they always does, for example: Whatsapp web now supports sharing of documents. Download whatsapp for your PC/Laptops: This time, the whatsapp application does not make use of an emulator such as bluestack nor a browser like the whatsapp web, This whatsapp application for PC/laptops perfectly works on its own.

Download whatsapp

Also know that the application is available for Windows 8+, Windows 10, Mac OS 10.9 and higher versions. But all you have to do is that, your Phone must be connected to Internet, in order to keep the connection, which i really think they should  try to make it independent.  Anyway, i still Applaud them but at the same time expecting an updates on that {should not be connected with your smartphone}.


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How and where can i Download whatsapp for your PC/Laptops

In other to have the Application downloaded and installed on your Windows PC or Mac , you have to follow the few  steps stated below:

# CLICK HERE to download whatsapp for your Windows and mac from the Whatsapp official  website: {File size is 62MB}

#After downloading the application , go ahead to Run and install the application on your windows PC or Mac.

#You will be given an option to follow on your PC screen depending on the smartphone device you are using , whether Android, Windows phone, Blackberry 10, Iphone, Blackberry and Nokia S60.

whatsapp-pc-app !!!

#Then use your phone to Scan the QR code displayed on your windows PC or Mac screen.

scanning QR code

scanning QR code

NOTE:  you must be connected with your phone to the Internet, in order to always Maintain and keep the connection.


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