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Easiest freeing space Tricks to free space on your iPhone without losing files

Easiest freeing  space trick

Today’s article shows you  the Easiest freeing  space   tricks to use on your iPhone’s ,but First of all, i must say that Apple users are always expecting an increase of storage memory for their device any time an upgraded device is about to be published because the recent ones are not enough.So, Apple company for while now has been making several gradual increase in the amount of storage built into its devices,but without the option to add an SD card,once you have exhausted your space,That is the end of your luck.Fortunately,there is an Easiest freeing  space trick that will work on your handsets and tablets without deleting your photos,musics,videos or uninstalling applications.
This trick was first discovered by  “Reddit” a user through forcing the phone to ‘spring clean’ itself. He Explained  “I have an iPhone with 16GB so I’m always dealing with low storage,A trick I did to get back some storage was when i tried to rent a movie with a big file size.i used Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,i was not able to rent the movie because the film was longer than my free memory,so i clicked settings and I went from 800MB to 4.9GB free space” Easiest freeing space .

Easiest freeing space

Below are the Easiest freeing  space trick steps to follow to make space on your iPhone without deleting:

#1}Go to the iTunes store and search for a long film e.g. Lord of the rings.NOTE:film must be bigger than the amount of space left on your device.If not so,you will be charged for the film.

#2}Click “RENT” and a prompt will appear saying ” Cannot Download,there is not enough storage left to rent the selection”.

#3}There will be a choice of tapping OK or Settings.click “SETTINGS”

#4}After Hitting Settings ,you will be taken to the settings Menu where the amount of storage available on the device will have increased. IT IS DONE !!!

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Easiest freeing  space Just as easy as that,no deleting of your pictures,videos or uninstalling of your applications because, to try to make room for the movie,the iPhone cleans installed applications to remove data, cookies and histories that are no longer needed.So you can go ahead and rent the same movie as many times as you wish to Free even more spaces.

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