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Facebook working on automatic tagging of friends in video

Facebook  video-recognition techniques

Facebook still remains the Number One Online Social networking service,it was founded in 2004 and Officially owned by “Mark Zuckerberg” the same owner  of Whatsapp. The Online Social networking service helps to connect  the user with Friends and Families as well as making  new friends.

It also creates a room for users to create a profile, update information, send and accept friend request from other users, add and save images, Tagging and sharing photos with other users, updating of status e.t.c. Facebook has been doing a very good job by trying to use  its artificial intelligence systems for image recognition.


Soon, the online social network service , Facebook, will be looking forward to automatically tagging people in videos. All these were disclosed in the F8 developer conference held in San Francisco yesterday.  According to “Joaquin Quiñonero Candela” a Facebook director of machine learning. The idea is to allow you to search for people in any of the videos they have shared with you. For instance, If you are on a live video feed with a friend and another friend walks into the video and has a brief conversation with you, it will allow you find it again simply by searching for your friend’s name then you could then jump right into the video at the exact moment your friend walks in. This will be so, so amazing.

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Day by day , Facebook is really working hard in advancing its technology level. Another upcoming updates will be on automatically captioning  of videos and it is possible to believe that it will use the same image-recognition techniques for video that it uses for detecting objects in still images.

So, we are desperately waiting for the update of video-recognition techniques for automatically tagging friends in videos. Scroll below and make your comments on what you think about this.

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