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Latest May 2016 Cheapest data plan for PC, iOS, Android & Blackberry Users.

 Tested and trusted Latest May 2016 cheapest data plan

Here is the Latest May 2016 cheapest data plan for PC,IOS, Android & Blackberry users, The last updates we had was the Cheapest data subscription codes for all network in Nigeria, which is still valid.

This month of May has also brought its own package which is the Latest May 2016 Cheapest data plan so i have to also update you to its standard, To make things Easy and Simple for you, i will start by categorizing every internet users into Three {3} categories and the data plans that suits them. Please follow me as i proceed and get Updated.

*Ordinary User Data Plans.

*Simple User Data Plans.

*Heavy User Data Plans.

Latest May 2016 Cheapest data plan

Latest May 2016 Cheapest data plan

ORDINARY USER DATA PLANS: These Data plans are for people that dont browse or download much on their device, All they just do is turn on their data read news,chats on social networks and turn off their Mobile network. Here is the perfect Data Subscription match for you.

Glo N1,000 for 1.5GB: Dial *777# and follow the prompt. No strange settings required.

Etisalat N1,000 for 1GB: Dial *229*2*7#. No strange settings required.

MTN 1.3GB for N1,100. Send 106 to 131

3.75GB for N2,000: Send 110 to 131 and it will be activated

Airtel 1GB for N1,000: dial *496# for {1Month} 30 days.


SIMPLE USER DATA PLANS: These plans are for those that browses or surf the internet and downloads.

Glo:As a matter of fact Glo seems to give one of the most cheapest data subscriptions that works on all devices without cheats or Tweak. see below:

*1.5GB for N1,000 or 4.5GB for N2,000

*3GB for N1,200

*4.5GB for N1,600

*6GB for N2,000

*12GB for N3,500

*24GB for N5,500.

Airtel:Airtel network is the fastest networks in most location and they offer as well cheap data subscriptions for their users.

*3GB—N1,500 For 1Month, Dial {*440*16#}

*4GB—N2,000 For 1Month, Dail {*440*161#}

*9GB—N3,500 For 1Month, Dail {*438*1#}

*500MB—N500 For 1Week, Dail {*473#}

*260MB—N300 For 1Month, Dail {*885*1#}

*Unlimited Whatsapp—N100 For 1Month, Dail {*948#}

MTN: As for the Mtn Android subscribers the MTN BIS is not working on Android for now, i will keep when it gets unveiled before this month ends.

*To get: 2GB—N2,000 For 1Month. Send {SPB to 131} through a text message.

*4.5GB—N2,500 For Either Night or Day,eg. 2.5GB for day time then the
remaining 2GB for Night Hours (9pm – 9am).Text {102 to 131}.

*4.5GB—N2,500 For Day and Night 1Month.Text {120 to 131}.

*2GB(2,015MB)—N2,015 For 1Month.Text {SPB to 131}.

Etisalat:Non available for etisalat. If any updates, i will keep you udated.


HEAVY USERS DATA PLAN: These dataplans are specifically for Download freaks{Those who loves to download always}. They are mostly night plans.

Airtel Unlimited Night Plan: Airtel network is strong in most locations and strongest during the night hour. This plan is unlimited at night; no speed throttling.

How to Subscribe to The Airtel Night Plan

*1hour plan, dial *481*1# and it cost N100

*3hours plan, dial *481*2# and it cost N300

*6hour plan, dial *481*3# and it cost N500.

MTN daily unlimited Plan: Experience the Unlimited browsing indeed that works in all devices.

*Dial *567*59# it costs #150

Glo Night Plans:

*1GB for N200 (12am – 5am)

*3GB for N500 for Sat and Sun + 7 Nights

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