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Apple launches Safari Technology Preview, new Safari Technology Preview

The new Safari Technology has been launch by Apple

Safari Technology Preview

Safari Technology Preview

Apple announces how they have successfully worked on the aspect of web development by launching a new version of its Safari web browser specifically designed for developers named Safari Technology Preview,Apple company further explains that the launch of the Safari Technology Preview is to let developers have an early view of the upcoming Technologies in OS X and IOS and the latest visual effects,layouts,Graphics and also other developer tools.The Preview idea was to also make developers test or experiment on the new developments and give any form feedback to Apple for any necessary improvements,changes and adjustments before time.

The new Safari Technology Preview browser beats the long time offered Nightly builds of Webkit and also it’s updates are distributed every two weeks by the customization of the Mac App store’s software Update Mechanism.The advancements also includes prime latest technologies like Javascript,CSS,Webkit and HTML.It is used and validated by Apple,including the use of ICloud And the browser also allows the developer to enjoy the latest version of Highly Responsive Design Mode and Web Inspector.

safari image

safari image


Other First revealed Features of the Safari Technology Preview includes below:

Updated IndexDB Implementation: This allows the developers store so many structured data on the client and also access data quickly.Apple also released this revamped indexDB implementation that possesses more standard compliant and stability

ECMAScript 6 :According to Apple this is one of the most perfect and complete implementations of ECMASript 6 (ES6),That has the Latest version of JavaScript code,New API’s and Iterators.

Shadow DOM: This makes ease to build large scale web applications by giving developers the chance to expose elements on a Webpage and how it works with their application.

B3 JIT JavaScript Compiler: Apple says B3 JIT Compiler is a new low latency,compiler designed from the ground up for JavaScript,B3 also Runs for a rapid initial compile times.

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