See the Reasons why you should not buy a Touch Screen Laptop

10 best laptops for 2016

Ever since the Touch Screen Laptops was invented,everybody wants to use it and experience it.but on the other hand there are essential disadvantages it posseses.I am going to share few things you should consider before buying a touch screen Laptop. 1) POOR BATTERY LIFE Due to the function of the Touchscreen ,more Workload  is given to the battery life because ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Price, specs and features

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  This great article is mainly all about the indisputable review of the New Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features and Specifications, its Glass design, size, screen, Camera e.t.c. infact it is really a mind-blowing Smartphone compared to the Note4(which is also highly recommended among all Notes Samsung has also published).     Without wasting of time let me Highlight the ...

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Latest Cheap Data Subscription Codes for all Networks in Nigeria.Free code for all networks

Latest Cheap Data Subscription Codes: The Codes you all need for your day to day surfing of the internet has finally come,Most of you might be using different Networks at the same time to look for easy cheap codes to browse.You are in the right Website,i am about sharing you the codes to subscribe for any data bundle for any ...

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Chinese Body Trending Meme :Works Using an iPhone 6 to prove you have skinny legs

Chinese Body Trending Meme

Chinese Body Trending Meme This i think is the latest Chinese Body Trending Meme which works with an Iphone6 to prove of having skinny legs,This meme as well has been going Viral,trending and disturbing the surface of the internet.Especially Ladies.Some comments were also made on Facebook by Moon L. Leighton “saying that this Chinese body trend Meme is not far ...

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Apple launches Safari Technology Preview, new Safari Technology Preview

Safari Technology Preview

The new Safari Technology has been launch by Apple Apple announces how they have successfully worked on the aspect of web development by launching a new version of its Safari web browser specifically designed for developers named Safari Technology Preview,Apple company further explains that the launch of the Safari Technology Preview is to let developers have an early view of ...

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See a Gun That Folds Up to a Smartphone,See Gun with the structural shape of a Smartphone

See Gun with the structural shape of a Smartphone   Checkout a new gun that can fold up to look exactly like a smartphone.Kirk Kjellberg, the serial inventor of this gun honestly narrated that he derived the idea when a little boy saw him with a Gun in a restaurant. And exclaimed “Mommy,Mommy,That Man’s got a gun in his hand ...

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Easy Keys you can use to save your Smartphone battery Major problems why you may not be online regularly as you wish may be because your battery drains more faster than its suppose to be or faster than how it used to be when you newly purchased it, so when ever your mobile data is turned on, you experience a ...

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