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See the Reasons why you should not buy a Touch Screen Laptop

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Ever since the Touch Screen Laptops was invented,everybody wants to use it and experience it.but on the other hand there are essential disadvantages it posseses.I am going to share few things you should consider before buying a touch screen Laptop.


Due to the function of the Touchscreen ,more Workload  is given to the battery life because the Touch digitizer is always On.And the Touch has higher XPS ,quad -HD which makes it consume battery fast compared to the normal HD none pen and touch version and there is nothing you can do about this. I know you will think about Deactivating the touch screen.Yes, it can be disabled but the results will still remain identical.Disadvantage of using touch screen laptop


In a touch screen laptop,because of the glossy material which it is made up of,things appear to be in two’s,its just like a doubled mirror,Images are seen in doubles .you can see the image clear and fine from a normal view but looking at it from angle is really poor.Compared to the Non-Pen touch.

Laptop was supposed to be mobile(move able) without stress, but a Touch screen laptop is more bulky than a normal Non Pen touch laptop.For instance:The difference between the touch and Non touch Dell XPS 13 is a still-noticeable 0.2 pounds Weight of it.


Another Disadvantage of using touch screen laptop,you can do a little comparation between them , you would see that the Touch screen laptops are more expensive than the Non Pen touch not only on the aspect of purchasing but also on Configuration . For instance:Dell puts a $300 premium on its XPS 13 with touch, though it also bumps the resolution up from 1080p to 3200 x 1800 and Lenovo computer charges about $240 more for a Think Pad T450s with a Pen-touch screen than the same model with a Non Pen Touch screen. Also Acer’s Cheap C720 Chrome book costs $80 more with touch — which doesn’t sound too bad, until you consider that it’s 30 percent of the price.


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